Companies need communication managers

We occupy positions of the first and second level above an annual salary of 100,000 Euros. In our many years of on-and-developed network, we find effective manager personalities, the companies for their long-term development needs. We position boards of directors, executives, managers and heads of department, with which international companies can grow and medium-sized family-owned sustainable.

Our clients are almost always faced with fundamental transformation processes that they cannot answer with short answers and theories of common financial reporting cycles. They think and pursue long-term prospects therefore they look through our new network for managers with a personality that can lead their organization to develop strong communication skills.

At the beginning of our consultations with our clients we identify their current needs and their current and future strategies.

In addition to business analysis and discussions with all relevant managers, we explore with intuition and communication in an open atmosphere, what strengths and weaknesses of the company, and its management team has, and in which they hold their market environment. We are looking for and ask about the “reality behind the perceived reality.”

Our advice does not end with the occupation. We serve our clients and executives with on-boarding process and provide efficiency and effectiveness of the manager teams.