Board Services

Strategic management planning is now a CEO issue and underscores the relevance of management development. Because, management is a team task, individual fighters and selfishness belong to the past. Only good teams create value.

Strong management teams have the ability to initiate appropriate strategies and operational measures, which go with the striking figure of a permanent change process. They provide with a clear head for a permanent capacity for innovation. The teams of the first and second level have to blindly trust and share common values in order to initiate prompt responses to the market and the competitive environment and make responsible decisions.

But effective managers are an increasingly scarce resource. An executive search consultant like Norbert Markut finds his long-standing network construct the right manager for established teams. Or he puts together the right teams, which trust each others, and act quickly together.
Our advice therefore is not finished with filling the position. We assist the management team in the on-boarding process to ensure good integration. We liaise with clients and to our managers and ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness of the teams.
Together with partners, we also offer benchmark analysis for senior management levels. With diagnostic methods, we compare the internal candidates for a position with the best managers in the industry on each functional level. Our clients know this important information about their potential in-house managers and in comparison to the competition.