Executive Search

Most of the positions we occupy after a thorough overall analysis within four to six weeks. According to experience, we present two or three candidates and thus ensure maximum efficiency. Our quality advice is reflected in the fact that we have had no replacement of positions in the past three years.
On the basis of precise analysis, we not only define the technical requirements for the position, but find out what management qualities our clients really need.

Our years of experience has shown us that for the sustained success of our clients is crucial that the candidate fits into human character and the team to achieve its full effectiveness.

We have known from over 20 years experience in management and executive search consultants what distinguishes effective from less effective managers. They determine the human qualities, emotional intelligence, a value-oriented attitude and communication skills, and effectiveness and performance of top managers.
With this Experience, we find the right clients for our candidates and accompany both the company and the management team for their coorperation.

We provide Executive Search Services global in Germany, Europe, America and Asia through our excellent international network.