Effective value-oriented managers act

What used to be (Soft Skills) as “soft factors” used in personnel work, now stands in filling leadership positions in focus. The professional competence is of course, the “ticket” and essential as a clear career orientation in order to work in top management.

Nevertheless, companies in fast moving markets need no more selfish and individual fighters, but smart individuals who distinguish themselves by their human qualities. The soft factors have always been a major influence on the effectiveness and efficiency of managers Communication skills, a team-oriented and trusting cooperation between the first and second level of management to decide today on the long-term success in international competition.

And: only managers who have a clear and values-oriented basic adjustment can make sustainable companies. A value-based management company equally respected figures, market developments, but also employees’ interests and needs of customers, secures long-term supplier relationships and respecting the achievements of the competition. The managers of the future and a strong company also noted economic developments and are aware that their products are purchased only when they meet in a dynamic market and there is sufficient purchasing power.
Norbert Markut has built up a network of people in over 20 years, who not only share these values, but live in their management.